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Ready to plan your professional adventure?

Has the ladder that once felt like a satisfying climb turned into a monotonous hamster wheel?

Have you settled for a flat road because you're barely keeping up with the demands of your current work & life?

Too far up the ladder and fear looking around or (gasp) down would topple your life over?

Overwhelmed by the thought of embarking on an adventure because your resume is dusty or you don't know which trail to choose?

This is where a trail guide comes in to help you find a sense of adventure in your career and to see what's possible.





Your personal trail guide to support you in improving the trail you're on and exploring where you want to go. Ideal coaching clients long to bring the same energy to work as they do to weekend adventures AND are ready to make changes - even if they involve pushing beyond comfort zones.

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Your resume is your unique trail map showcasing the hikes you've taken. Switching roles or industries means catering your trail map and focusing your training to where you want to go. Services include resume writing, LinkedIn branding, interview preparation & salary negotiation.

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The career path terrain can get rocky when little ones enter the picture. Leveraging personal and management experience, as well as the Fair Play MethodTM, services include couple's career coaching, parental leave planning and workforce re-entry support after a career pause.

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From summer camp in the mountains to trading floors to data centers to spin studios, Megan has always been a natural coach. She spent 15+ years in corporate leadership roles spanning investment banking, technology services sales, consulting and risk management. For 10+ years she has coached and led in fitness settings. She has the energy, curiosity and motivation to help you achieve your goals.


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"Coaching helped me define my career goals, become a more confident leader, and reframe my decision to work full-time as a gift to my family rather than a burden. I was surprised to learn that coaching involved more questions than answers initially, but Megan has the ability to ask the questions that create answers. I now love the work I do and know that I am in control of my destiny. This work continues to pay dividends in my professional and personal life."


Sallie G.
IT Software Services Leader & Coaching Client


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